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KATA - 1st Kyu

Kata is a key part of your karate journey and for 1st Kyu's there are four katas you will experience.  As a training aid, each of these kata's have been captured below for your reference.  The number of moves for each kata has been obtained from Kanazawa's kata books.  Over a thousand generations could live in you now...

(Flying swallow)

Enpi, also frequently transliterated as Empi, is a kata practiced by Shotokan and other karate styles. Enpi means Flying Swallow and comes from the Okinawan martial art of Tomari-te, where it first appeared in 1683. due to the dynamic form of combat, this kata resembles a swallow in flight.  There are 39 moves in this kata.

(Ten hands)

Jitte, Mastery of the kata is supposed to imply that the karateka is able to perform the actions of ten men, further inferring that one has the ability to fight off ten armed opponents. Even within the Shotokan style, this kata has many variations.  There are 27 moves in this kata.

(Jiin temple)

Jiin, the primary technique is the kosa-uke (uchi-uke/gedan-uke), similar to the one found at the beginning of Jion.  There are 35 moves in this kata.

(Jiin temple)

Jion, is believed to be named after the Jion-ji, a Buddhist temple in China.  Jion is a simple kata and is comprised mostly of pieces from Heian and Tekki kata. There are 47 moves in this kata.


About ESKA

The English Shotokan Karate Association, better known as ESKA, is a renowned Karate association with clubs in Herts, Beds, Cambs and Essex. 

ESKA was founded in 1979 by Sensei's Eddie Witcher, Michael Randall, John Van Weenen, Michael Nursey, Roger Hall, Harry Jones and Greg Durant.

Hanshi Nursey (9th Dan) Chief Instructor of ESKA teaches the senior class at the Stevenage Honbu.  ESKA's many clubs are run by Senior Dan Grades (up to 7th Dan).

Become a member

The Stevenage club was opened in 1976 by Hanshi Michael Nursey who still runs the higher grade class on a Monday 19:30 - 20:30.

The main club 18:30 - 19:30 is now run by Sensei Graham Fountain 1st Dan.


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