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1. Lead Member Responsibilities

 Every person who completes the online membership application will be individually responsible under this agreement for themselves and linked bundled members.  This same person will be responsible for paying all the appropriate membership fees for themselves and bundled members.

2. Membership 

 Your membership will begin on the day you are successful in your application.  Fees paid will be for the current months tuition.
 Membership will continue until renewed the following month by submitting fees online.

3. Membership Fees

 For standard monthly membership your membership fees are due on the 1st of each month (for the following month).
 You must pay for your membership by making manual monthly payments using Stripe Checkout unless agreed otherwise with the Club Instructor.
 After four weeks of being a member of ESKA Stevenage, a Karate license must be purchased in order to train.  This is an association cost and must be renewed annually (A fee that covers member insurance - the initial four weeks are covered by default).

4. Changing Membership Category

 People’s needs change over time, so it makes sense that you can apply to change your membership category by contacting
 When you change category, your membership fees will change to the current fees for that category.
 Any changes to your monthly payments caused by adding or removing a linked member will apply from the 1st of the month the change takes place.

5. Notice of Termination

 If you wish to give notice, it must be by email to and be successfully received. 
 Membership is calculated in calendar months and so where a member gives notice to end membership, enrolment will finish at the end of the current month.
 ESKA Stevenage retains the right to terminate this agreement at any time.

6. Complaints

 If you have a complaint, we would like to know about it as soon as possible so we can investigate accordingly, please speak to our Club Instructor or contact us by email.

7. Health & Fitness

 Before you start any class, you must inform the instructor about any medical conditions, injuries or allergies that may affect your health or ability to train.
 If you have any concerns about your physical condition, you must not do strenuous physical activities without first getting medical advice.
 You are responsible for monitoring your own physical condition.  If you suffer from unusual symptoms, you must immediately stop the activity and tell the instructor or any other member of staff at the venue.
 All Members acknowledge the nature of a karate class attended and take part at their own risk.

8. Unforeseen Circumstances

 Unforeseen events that may prevent a class taking place e.g. Community Voting are factored into the monthly membership fee.
 ESKA Stevenage will do everything within its gift to ensure classes take place at the allotted time.
 It is worth noting that 7 out of 12 months on a monthly subscription will receive 9 lessons as opposed to 8 (monthly subscription is based on 8 lessons) due to the way the days fall for a given month.


 The personal data collected via the member registration process will be used solely for the purposes of club membership and a member's karate journey e.g. Gradings, Karate License, Events.  Your personal information will not be passed to a third party without your direct consent.

 To ensure security and privacy of your data, Wild Apricot (Website Service Provider) provides traffic encryption (https) capabilityTraffic encryption ensures that data entered into the online forms (e.g. membership application, event registration) as well as data transferred from Wild Apricot servers back to visitors is protected from snooping, for example if you access internet over an insecure WiFi connection.  Wild Apricot's technology is protected behind several layers of security.

 All Payment Processing is fully encrypted to protect confidentiality and integrity of information.

We are a family club and thrive on feedback, so please do tell us what you you like and don't like about the club.  We hope that you enjoy training at ESKA Stevenage. 

For any further information regarding the club, please contact us on or visit our About Us Web page  / Club Facebook Page

About ESKA

The English Shotokan Karate Association, better known as ESKA, are a renowned Karate association with clubs in Herts, Beds, Cambs and Essex.

ESKA was founded in 1979 by Eddie Witcher, Michael Randall, John Van Weenen, Michael Nursey, Roger Hall, Harry Jones and Greg Durant.

Hanshi Nursey (9th Dan) Chief Instructor of ESKA teaches the senior class at the Stevenage Hombu. ESKA's many clubs are run by Senior Dan Grades (up to 7th Dan).

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The Stevenage club was first opened in 1976 by Hanshi Michael Nursey who still runs the senior class on a Monday 19:30 - 20:30.

The main club 18:30 - 19:30 is now run by Sensei Graham Fountain 1st Dan.

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